France Trip Pictures

April 9 - 18

There are around 400 pictures. I'll try to split them up so there aren't too many on one page. The pictures you will see are smaller versions of the originals (called thumbnails), to reduce load times. You can click the pictures to view the full size version (1488 x 1984 pixels). This is the size you would want to download for a desktop background, send to a photo shop to be printed (I use, or print yourself. Some pictures are duplicates or not worth putting on the page; these will be linked directly to the full size versions without thumbnails. I apologize in advance for any pictures of poor quality. They didn't all come out perfectly, but here they are anyways. Please email me with any comments or questions.

Thanks for looking!

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Technical Notes:
There are 405 pictures, 246 MB in all (plus 5.36 MB for the thumbnails. All were taken with my Olympus Camedia C-720 UZ on Auto mode. They are 1984 x 1488 pixel JPEGs, with horizontal and vertical resolutions of 144 dpi and 24 bit color depth.

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